Terms of Service


zulip.cs.aalto.fi is a chat platform for the Aalto University community. The infrastructure provider is Aalto University CS-IT, but day to day management of each chat community (“realm”) is exclusively in the hands of the realm owners.

  • The service is approved only for information classified as ‘public’. Internal or confidential matters should not be discussed on the platform
  • The service is hosted on Aalto University’s premises. Data is stored and transferred only on the Aalto servers and user devices of the chat realm you are participating in
  • The realm owner is responsible for moderation and setting message retention/deletion policies
  • Aalto cannot control what users of a realm does with the information posted on the realm. Therefore be careful what information you post on the platform - especially on realms with lots of users.
  • In general, chat realms have a pre-defined lifespan, e.g. a duration of a course. After this all data will be removed.
    • We hope to relax these restrictions in the future.
  • Do not use bots before contacting the service administrator. It is likely that use of a bot will violate the privacy policy or other Aalto security policies
  • The service is still in beta. Chat realms or the service may be closed without prior notice to resolve issues. E.g. if security of the platform is compromised.